How To Keep Raccoons Away From The Campsite

Tips On How To Keep Raccoons Far From The Campsite

Raccoon Repellent
Raccoons are some of the very problematic and intelligent animals that you might run into in a camping site. These cute and small creatures may appear harmless, yet they have the capability to ruin your camping trip specially should you not know how to keep food and other things correctly as you camp with your friends, family or relatives. This brings the importance of learning some basic raccoon prevention tips to avert unforeseen disappointments.

Raccoon Repellent
Why they ought to be kept away

Even before you think about keeping these mammals away, you should know why it’s essential to create such a choice. These animals are generally found in wooded areas or water sources such as lakes and streams, and these are a few of the very appropriate locations for camping. Raccoons could be benign but on the flip side, some of them often carry various disorders including rabies which can be transmitted through bites. Additionally they have a custom of invading foodstuff, shinny items like aluminum cans, foil, and dishes found in campgrounds. If provoked, raccoons are competitive and they may attack pets or humans at the camp site.

How exactly to keep them away

The best method of keeping raccoons far from the campground is by eliminating items that appear appealing for them. You need to ensure that food waste is stored properly in a sealed trash-can. In addition it’s good to bear in mind that raccoons are fairly intelligent and they may use their paws to open loose lids before investigating the contents of the trash can. You’ve got to ensure that the lid is tightly closed even though it means using an extra piece of rope or perhaps a chord.

Regardless of the undeniable fact that raccoons have a strong sense of smell, they don’t like the aroma released by red pepper. It really is therefore recommended to distribute cayenne pepper around the margin of the campsite for extra protection. The same procedure should be repeated after each two days when it rains within the camp. Another effective idea on how to discourage raccoons is by purchasing a commercial cat and dog repellent and distribute it around the campground to keep these animals away.

Don’t leave shinny items outside when camping since they tend to attract the interest of those animals from a distance. Some glittery things for example jewelry and silverware should always be kept inside the tent before bed-time or when exploring the surrounding areas over the course of the day. Nevertheless, in the event these animals can find their way to the campsite, it is not advisable to touch or trigger them. You can chase them away by clapping or making other forms of noise since they do not enjoy residing in a noisy environment.

These are a few of the very powerful tips for keeping these animals away from your campground. You only need to spend some time to prepare for the entire camping trip and take the necessary precautions. These tips on how to keep raccoons away from the campsite can likewise assist you appreciate your evening and look forward to attending similar camping trips in future.

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